Wednesday, 2 May 2007

I'm back!

Hello to anyone that reads this (Ok, so that's going to be my mum and a few members of the Warwick Mathematics Society), I wanted to (finally) update everyone with what's been going on, and why there have been like... no posts here of late :)

Basically, the Sunday before last (22nd Apr), I was cooking a risotto with Emma (my girlfriend) and managed to miss the onion and cut straight into my finger. Unfortunately, I also managed to cut right through my main vein and my digital nerve :( I was in hospital at Walsgrave from Monday morning til Thursday, missed 2 exams and my essay deadline - funsies!

Anyway, I've been unable to type properly until now due to a bandage which got to about 1 inch thick around my whole hand - thankfully I'm now down to a simple finger bandage, and can almost touch-type again :)

Anyway - upcoming posts include some talk about illegal numbers (well, illegal in the US, but that's where this blog is hosted, so illegal on this blog) and the internet aftermath from yesterday (interesting story even for non-techies), some more essay updates and of course a review of my Biffy Clyro gigs :)

Anyways, toodles!


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